This award winning beach weekender is snuggly hidden in the hinterland near Noosa. It is a beach, friend and pet proof holiday

home for this private couple. It’s relaxed, self-contained, compact and flexible enough to invite friends for a gathering

or lock the outside world away. The request was for Hampton’s styling in calm colours that allowed for the clients quiet

wit and cheeky humor to peek through. The styling also needed to work with the original pole house architecture

allowing it to exist without the need to be hidden. The clients wanted lots of areas to lounge and relax depending

on their moods and the seasons. It’s a small home to work in to give the feeling of expanse, so most furniture does

double duty as storage or extra seating, as well as an expandable dining table for those evenings spent entertaining

inside, and still as per the client request, there is room for the indulgent extra large sofa.