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Gentleman's Office Newstead Brisbane. Award-winning Commercial Office interior design and decoration
Newstead Residence Guest Bedroom


Virginia Bishop Interiors offers an end-to-end service with a focus on transparency, accountability and effective communication. Our well researched systems provide customers with a sense of clarity and control, and the assurance that they are in the trusted hands of experienced professionals.


Interior Design
Our interior design services extend to newly built homes, apartments, commercial properties, and retirement and aged care communities, as well as renovations. Whether you require a refreshed space, a new kitchen or bathroom design or a bespoke joinery item we can help. 


Interior Decoration and Furnishing
Our designers are unashamedly obsessed with beautiful textiles and the sculptural form of a well-crafted object. Whilst we understand the importance of spatial planning, well-designed joinery and expertly documented schedules, we know that it is the decoration of a space that gives it personality, warmth and appeal. 


Interior Styling

Our designers love finishing a project down to the little details. So, if you desire your property to be professionally styled to complete a comprehensive design package, we can help. With access an expansive network of suppliers with whom we collaborate, we can provide you with a complete service of designing your home to the final placement of a perfectly curated artifact. 


Commercial Design
We take great pride in getting to know the people who work behind the scenes in a business to make sure that the finished space is an accurate reflection of the product being served or sold. Having worked with some of the best branding agencies in Brisbane and beyond, we are well experienced in producing well considered commercial projects that are both highly functional and visually exciting. 


Custom Furniture Design

Looking for the perfect sofa, dining table or custom bedhead to finish off a space? Our highly talented designers can design a completely unique solution to compliment your project and utilise our network of highly skilled suppliers and manufacturers to bring the vision to life. 


Colour Consultancy 

Obtaining professional colour advice can make all the difference to the way an interior or exterior looks and feels. Our designers can help you successfully achieve a particular mood or complimenting existing elements. 


Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry Design 

The kitchen is the heart of your home, being one of the most utilised rooms. Whether you are a seasoned entertainer or more of a take-out connoisseur we have the expertise to provide a practical solution whether you have something in mind already or need a completely new design. We diligently source on-trend new materials and finishes to bring you the most up to date interior. 


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